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Returns, Refunds and Shipping Policies

Here you will find the temple rules on returns, refunds and shipping.

Updated rules as of January 13, 2024.


You understand that returns are not accepted for any physical product under absolutely no circumstance due to the custom and hygienic nature of the products. If what you receive is broken, proof must be shown via both the outside packaging as well as the packaging inside on the same day it is received. We are notified when you receive your package and where it was placed. A replacement free of charge may be sent if proof is found acceptable. If one is sent, you only get one free of charge replacement. Free of charge replacement is to our discretion.

Thou shalt not engage in thievery against Goddess Copia, Goddess Copia Remedies, and/or Musings of a Dominatrix, including fake disputes, chargebacks, and payment reversals because there are no returns accepted or no free replacement sent to you. It is entirely at our discretion if we send you a new product or if we just give you a store credit. You understand this and agree to it when purchasing.


You understand that there are no refunds given for any product for any reason. If you can’t afford it or change your mind, you don’t have the luxury of trying to get a refund and if you attempt to do so via fraudulent disputes or chargebacks, that will be considered an act of theft. We will look to press any criminal, civil, state, city or federal charges if necessary, so please be prepared to pay for a lawyer.

You understand that there are no refunds given for any service. You understand that when you sign up for a service you are signing up for a service that gives no refunds for any reason. Any feelings you may have are entirely your own but you are not entitled to a refund. Any attempt to get a refund will be considered an act of theft.

You understand that there are no refunds for digital downloads or ebooks and will not ask for any refunds for whatever reason for either a physical or digital product and/or service as doing so would be constituted as stealing.

You understand that if you attempt to steal our work or product via fake disputes, chargebacks, payment reversals or reposting or selling any of my work or products as your own, we reserve the right to press criminal charges not limited to: Theft of service, petty larceny, grand larceny, and/or any theft related charge found in your jurisdiction or ours, including any federal charges.

You understand that if at any time the owner does give a refund that they do so out of the kindness of their hearts but under no circumstance are you allowed a refund or are we required to provide you one for any reason.

You understand to that only through proven acts of criminality such as identity theft, proven via the law with all proven providing documents will there be a refund given and that is out of our hands and in the hands of your bank and in that case we have no problem with your money being refunded. 

Outside of criminality that has been proven, refunds are not given, not provided, not happening and you agree to this when you purchase any product or service from us.


There is a set shipping rate as all products are sent via USPS Priority Mail. If your item gets sent back because you put the wrong address, you will pay both a new shipping rate as well as a reshipping fee of $15.

You have four business days to rectify your shipping situation. Failure to do so constitutes as abandonment and you forefeit your order with no refund at all as per our refund guidelines.

Please note that we have a commercial relationship with the post office and are immediately notified when your package is delivered.

We are not responsible for packages that get stolen. If we send you out a new package that is entirely up to our discretion. It is your responsibility to keep your deliveries secure. We are not responsible for stolen packages that have been delivered. We will not refund you your money.