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Partnership Matters

How you're dogging her out if you're doing these 7 intimate things.

Man Favors

Why you being a potential boyfriend, her man or her husband is not a favor.


Notice I didn't say disrespect. There is a difference. 

Type A Personality

Getting a Type A Personality Woman to Submit. How it happens. Why it happens.


This form of protection is not simply physical and it's not carrying a gun.

Settling Down

To late! No good sensed woman wants you and here's why.

Left or Cheated

The truth you need to hear but don't want to.

Men and Money: Dating

Why women refuse to date broke men.

Like Women

Genuinely like women or because society says you should?

Men and Travel

Why your passport won't help you with women and money.

Boring Sex Life?

Why it's the mans fault inside and outside of the bedroom.

Women Treated Well

There's a certain way she looks and a certain way she acts.

Daddy Dom She Wants

Is actually quite the opposite. What a Daddy Dom is and why women love them.

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